Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Detroit, Michigan, USA

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The The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) festival is on in Detroit. It's often confused by name with the Movement Electronic Music Festival (operated by the promotion company Paxahau), but DEMF is the actual original Detroit Electronic Music Festival. It will happen over the July 4th weekend, as what they're calling an "EDM-free festival," and is being run by the original people who created the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (including original DEMF founder Carol Marvin).

The Detroit Electronic Music Festival is still considered to be true to its roots and the history of electronic music in Detroit, widely considered to be the the birthplace of techno. The DEMF 2014 dates are May 24-25-26.

As for what's in store, festival organizers are saying "It will once again grace the world stage with its driving beats and powerful message of unity as a very special, free-of-charge event for all to enjoy.".

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