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Short Story

Noticing changes in the industry a small group of industry writers and producers decided to focus their energy on Producing / Writing for Films, Soundtracks, TV projects and Commercials. In the Fall 2009, producer Michael Bishop, Chiba Antoine and Dannie Clark formed GMM, an independent Publishing- Production company. The Company put together a team of producers, dedicated to hearing their music,Track instrumentals in Films ,TV Production and other Mass Media. "Bottom line is we're a new Indie Company with some pretty skilled producers. No project too big or too small. We are open to all serious seekers of music ". Our most recent Placements include Gossip Girl- Southwest Airlines- ESPN-Visa- Lexus - Golden Peanut


Our Music style is Passionate and idealistic Pop Alternative Rock with a splash of soul, we are Producers driven by the overwhelming need to create, inspire and unite. We are dreamers and collaborators, using the power of our imaginations to share common feelings.

Our Production gold is to invoke emotion and to move people using the power of a guitar or drums to inform, guide and energize. Basically We're a bunch of music junkies that don't leave the studio. We are here 24/6 (closed on Sunday for THE NFL) ready to help you find amazing music for your television campaigns, films, television shows, and games.


Music licensing is something that happens constantly, all around us. When you listen to music on the radio, that music is licensed. When you hear music in a restaurant, that music is licensed too. Licensing is essentially about selling music to other businesses, as opposed to selling it directly to consumers.

Non-Exclusive Basics --A nonexclusive means you are giving the company the right to license and sell your music, but you are still free to look for other companies to license and sell your music.

Exclusive Basics--A exclusive means that once an agreement is signed they are the only ones able to license your music for market. There is normally a clause in the contract in which it states that either party can cancel the contract if certain terms are not met.


Publishing your music means putting it out there so other people can listen to it. As with any kind of media, you can find a publisher to do it for you, (GMM) or you can do it yourself. If you're writing songs or lyrics that satisfy the need, we can help you get them to the people who count.



Here is a fun little FACT: The people who really get ahead in the music business are the ones that get off their backsides and network with others!!!!!

We are always looking to work and network with high caliber driven like minded artist and musicians. With that comes a responsibility to work tirelessly to connect the music

with as many people as possible whether via television, movies, video games, merchandise or the many other outlets for music in this modern world. So if you hear something

on our site that you would like to collaborate and bless with your vibe, send us an email. include the track number in the subject

A&R Consulting

You Have the Talent! But, Is It Enough?
The reality is - in today's music business just having talent is not enough to become successful. All your creative and professional expertise should be well planned and in place. Good advice, direction and objectivity can be crucial to your success. Big project or small, long-term or short, individuals to start-ups to major corporations alike, our seasoned industry experts can craft the perfect plan, scaled and customized to meet your specific business objectives and based on any budget.