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New York (01/02/15) 1:34h
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laguna beach california (01/22/15) 1:30h
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MAnhattan, New York
Looking for some multifarious music for your next Project ? Welcome to our sample catolog below . On behalf of our producers, we thank you for your interest in using our material. To obtain music or hear a complete catolog, feel free to contact us.
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We are thrilled with all our clients' projects, so we create on a daily basis to help achieve their goals.

TV --Heineken -'Departure Roulette' (Campaign)--Keyboard Arrangements, Pre-Production -Lexus -Toyota Motor Corporation-CT Hybrid TV Spot,-Score Drum Programming, Engineer- Madison Gate Records - Justified (T.V Series) - Compilation Producer, Keyboard Arrangements - Sony Pictures Television- Breaking bad (T.V Series) -Digital Editing, Drum ProProgramming, Pre-Production -The CW Television Network- The Vampire Diaries EP5 (My Brother's Keeper)- Digital Editing, Drum Programming, Pre-Producion- Media Rights Capital- House of Cards 9 - Score Drum Programming, Engineer, Keyboard Programming- Bravo (U.S. TV channel)- Season 2 Original media- Assistant Producer, Composer, Drum Programming

Corporate--Southwest Airlines -TV Commercial, 'Best Work'-Assistant Engineer, Drum Programming, Percussion -Gifted Youth- Old Milwaukee (Spot) - Composer, Keyboard Programming, Editing Park Pictures- Nike Flynit Kit Technology- Digital Editing, Drum Programming- ESPN 30 for 30 - You Don't Know Bo - The Irrelevant Giant- Drums (Electric), Associate Engineer, Associate ProducerSealy Corporation- Sealy Posturepedic Mattress - Assistant Engineer, Drum Programming, Visa TBWA - Worldwide- Black Card- Composer, Digital Mixing, Producer- Blahd & Blahd - Golden Peanut Co- Peanut Chase Music- Pre-Production, Remixing- The Giraffe Agency - EZ Watch Pro -Allways watching -Assistant Producer, Composer, Drum Programming- Zeus Advertising UK- Delicioso Ltd - Party Food Music- Keyboard Arrangements, Pre-Production-Viacom Media Networks- Dallas CowBoy Cheerleaders (Making the Team)- Composer, Keyboard Programming, Editing


Flim- Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc - Conan The Barbarian Tyler Bates Score - Keyboard Arrangements, Percussion Programming, Pre-Production - Colombiana Motion Picture -Colombiana Soundtrack- Nathaniel Mechaly Score- Drum Programming, Keyboard Programming, Pre-Production- Artisan Entertainment- Flight On The Flight Deck- Digital Editing, Drum Programming, Pre-Production -31st Street Studios-Warrior Soundtrack Mark Isham score - Digital Mixing, Drum Programming, Keyboard Arrangements-

Albums- Tame Impala- NNERSPEAKER- Drums (Electric), Associate Engineer, Associate Producer- Da Cruz -Sistema Subversiva -Assistant Engineer, Drum Programming, Percussion Programming- Decca Records- Mary-Jess Leaverland -GLORIOUS- Arranger, Assistant Engineer, Assistant Producer- Hollywood Records- Corbin Bleu-Speed Of Light- Assistant Producer, Digital Editing, Drum Programming- Tokyo Black Star- BLACK SHIPS -Composer, Keyboard Programming, Producer- Syco Music- Leona Lewis- SPIRIT - Pre-Production, Remixing -143 Records-The Corrs- TALK ON CORNERS- Drum Programming, Keyboard Arrangements, Pre-ProductionAtlantic Records- jody watley- flower -Assistant Engineer, Digital Remixing, Mixing Engineer, Mix MTV- Tyrangem- HUMAN BEINGS - Composer, Digital Mixing, Producer - High Tide- NOT FOR PROFIT - Digital Remastering, Digital Remixing-

Video Games- Sucker Punch Productions- inFAMOUS Second Son- Composer, Digital Mixing, Producer- Namco Bandai Game- Dark Souls II -Digital Mixing, Drum Programming, Keyboard Arrangements


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Nothing contained herein constitutes any agreement or license between Groovy Miles Music Group (ASCAP) and any third party users. All third parties must obtain proper licenses prior to any usage of the musical works contained herein which are considered to be protected musical works and are registered copyrights. All rights reserved under domestic and international copyright laws which, amongst other protections, strictly prohibits any unauthorized sale, copies, reproductions, derivative works, transmissions, airings, or other non-permitted uses. Any intentional or unintentional violation or unauthorized use of the musical works contained herein, willful or otherwise, will be subject, at a minimum, to the maximum statutory penalties allowed under U.S. Copyright laws. For further information on U.S. Copyright law penalties please visit the website of the U.S. Copyright Office website or review the following document.

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Licensing Rep: We are seeking a new Music Licensing Representative for the purpose of securing synchronization and master use licenses for music within the various media industries (TV, film, video games, web, advertising, etc). The ideal candidate will have their own established contacts within the music licensing community. Must be familiar with the clearance and licensing process, and have excellent networking and people skills.
- We are open to Managers or Reps just starting out or fresh out of college.
- Confident in ability to generate new business clientele on behalf of Groovy Miles Music Ability to create and maintain relationships with clients
- Possesses a strong work ethic
- Strong communication skills (written and verbal)
- Knowledge of general music licensing business practices
- Understanding of music publishing and master/sync agreements
- Self-starter, self-motivated and takes responsibility/ownership of tasks
- Passion for exposing new artists and a love of music.
- This Position is not limited to LA and NY. We are open to applicants worldwide.

Assistant Engineer: For Soundtrack OTB analog tracking, mixing & tweaking sessions. Must have knowledge of DP7 & Tascam DM3200 Automation. 3 day mixing sessions $250.00 per Day. Looking at 3 to 4 day Project. No Per Diem or Transportation included.

Producer Assistant: ages of 21-25 with an artistic look Three day gig - $15 dollars an hour plus lunch ( may become long term) MUST: *be able to work on all fridays from 2p.m- 8p.m *be able to do meaningless tasks including..inputing contacts from mac to iphone, answering phones during recording sessions, running errands..etc Drivers license and knowing how to work a camera are a plus but not necessary.

For More info contact QCohen@groovymilesmusic.com
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